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Adaptive, Context-aware, Multimedia Guides on Mobile Devices

The project aims at deepening those theoretical and technical aspects allowing one to design a full-scale mobile guide in different application domains. The project will propose an integrated framework for a context-aware mobile guide, characterized by: (i) a standard and shared format for the representation of data allowing interoperability between different devices and applications, (ii) ability to derive information on the state and behaviour of the user from common sensors data (e.g. GPS data), (iii) automatic generation of natural language presentations, (iv) device-dependent generation and adaptation of the user interface, (v) usability-centered input/output modalities based on visual interfaces and multimedia and multimodal techniques, (vi) multi-user features (mobile communication, community). Three applications for three different domains (tourism, culture and sport) will be developed to prove the effectiveness and generality of the proposed solution.

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